Google will release its own Netflix for games in March

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Google is planning to release its own streaming service for games as soon as March. You can see it as a Netflix-like service where you can stream games without requiring a powerful PC or game console.

A press conference is planned on March 19, which is at the Game Developers Conference. While unknown what exactly will be announced sources told Fortune that it will be a new game streaming service. Earlier rumors already indicated the arrival of a streaming service and game console from Google. The company would play games on powerful PCs in a data center, the output is streamed to users' devices. In October last year, Google tested Project Stream, which plays games directly in Chrome web browser. This way, a small group of testers could play the game Assassin's Creed Odyssey for free .

Google is not the first company that comes with such a streaming service. Among others, Sony and Nvidia already use similar technology to stream games.

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