Google Introduces Passkeys - A More Secure and Convenient Way to Log In

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Google has recently unveiled its latest innovation in online security: Passkeys. For some time now, Google has been working on a more secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional passwords. Passkeys eliminate the need for users to remember complicated passwords or risk their accounts falling into the wrong hands.

In collaboration with the FIDO Alliance, Apple, and Microsoft, Google announced support for passkeys last year. Today, it has started rolling out support for passkeys in Google accounts and across all major platforms. Passkeys serve as an additional login option alongside passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Passkeys offer a new way of logging into apps and websites that is both easier to use and more secure than passwords. Users can now log in using their fingerprint, face scan, or lock screen PIN - just as they unlock their devices. Unlike passwords, passkeys are resistant to online attacks such as phishing, making them much more secure.

Passkeys have already been introduced by companies such as Docusign, Kayak, PayPal, and Shopify to make signing in easier for their users. Now, Google users can also try passwordless sign-in with passkeys. While Google understands that the transition to passkeys will take time, it is confident that this new technology will become the norm in the future.

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