Google employee lost unannounced Pixel 3 in taxi

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Oops? A Google employee lost a yet to be announced Pixel 3 phone in a taxi. The phone was photographed by the driver, after which he was later handed over to the owner.

The decals are censored on the photos because they show codes that the can identify the employee. Over the past few months, an above-average number of photos of the new Pixel 3 have appeared on the internet. This is partly due to some black market sales, where the new smartphone is sold for around 2,000 dollars (converted about 1,723 euros).

It is not the first time that a not yet announced smartphone has been lost by an employee. In 2010, an Apple employee lost the prototype of the iPhone 4 in a bar.  This device was then sold to technology blog Gizmodo, which leaked information over the phone. According to rumors, the new Pixel 3 would be announced around October. 

Google employee lost unannounced Pixel 3 in taxi

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