GlobalFoundries starts 14nm LPE volume production in 1H 2015

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In an interview with GlobalFoundries senior VP Chuck Fox, you can read it over here. Volume production of the 14nm LPE (low power early) process should start in the first half of 2015 with 14nm LPP (low power plus) to follow in the second half of 2015.

Q: Can you tell us when the 14nm process at your company will begin volume production? And why did your company choose to cooperate with Samsung Electronics?

A: We plan to begin volume production with a 14nm LPE (low power early) process in the first half of 2015 and then push ahead with a 14nm LPP (low power plus) process in the second half of the year. Based on chip design projects commissioned by our clients, we believe a number of clients will produce wafer starts using 14nm LPE process initially. However, we expect the number of clients as well as wafer orders to grow robustly when we enter the 14nm LPP process, which will help ramp up our market share and sales significantly.

With regard to the tie-up with Samsung, I think the cooperation is being pushed by demand from our clients. Besides, both of our technologies are from IBM, which has enabled us to reach consensus in terms of innovation of new manufacturing processes and that is why we can develop the 14nm process rapidly and take the lead in volume production.

Q: Your lead in the 14nm process seems to have broken up the market dominance being held by TSMC. How do you assess possible changes of market share?

A: Our lead in the 14nm wafer foundry services represents a new choice for global fabless IC design houses in terms of capacity and technology, enabling them to avoid the risk of over concentration on material suppliers. That definitely is a great thing for chip vendors.

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