Gigabyte XCC Ready Motherboard Opens New Opportunities For Multi-Core Processors

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Gigabyte teamed up with Inte® to successfully overclock the Intel Extreme Core Count (XCC) processor past 5GHz across all cores during an Intel Keynote. Even without liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling, the combination of a GIGABYTE motherboard and Intel XCC processor managed to shatter records for single processor socket overclocking.

 Following Intel’s announcement of its Xeon W-3175X processor, GIGABYTE will launch compatible products in the near future. Multi-core computing has long been instrumental in many different fields of science and technology such as in Physics, Aerospace Technology, Meteorology models/simulations by providing great computing power with impressive accuracy and efficiency. It has also played a huge role in AI development, data mining, and the vastly growing, big data analysis. In the business field today, multi-core computing is also highly useful for financial analysis, stock market analysis, etc. with its fast, accurate calculation abilities. With ultra-high stability, reliability, expert refinement, along with support for the Intel® XCC processors, GIGABYTE motherboards are the perfect platform for research institutions, educational institutions, as well as big data centers.

“In today’s world, many influential technologies and disciplines need the computing power of multi-core system platforms. GIGABYTE teamed up with Intel to showcase overclocking Intel® XCC processors to 5GHz across all cores at COMPUTEX 2018, clearly demonstrating that GIGABYTE motherboards are the ideal choice for XCC processors,” stated Jackson Hsu, Deputy Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. “GIGABYTE will continue to invest in research and development and team up with leading manufacturers to fulfill the computing power needs of AI applications, science models, and enable multi-core computing power to continue having a positive effect and influence on human society and lifestyle.”

Since its establishment, GIGABYTE has always been committed to the development of Ultra-Durable, High Performance PC platforms along with GIGABYTE exclusive technology and software design, to truly fulfill the computing needs of customers all over the world. New updates regarding support for the Intel® Xeon W-3175X processor will be released shortly.

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