Gigabyte To Announce WHQD Gaming Monitor at CES, 10-bit, 144 Hz and FreeSync

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Gaming monitors have been the #1 trend in sales the past few years, they are on the rise and everybody wants one. It's no surprise to see more brands starting the enter the market as well. After ASUS, Gigabyte will now venture into the monitor channel, Their first gaming monitor is to get announced at CES.

While the size of the monitor is not mentioned we can see 2560x1440 listed in some of the photos of the OSD, other primary specifications have surfaced. We expect this to be the Aorus AD27QD that was discovered earlier already. This is to offer an IPS panel with WQHD resolution and 144 Hz. The monitor will be announced under the Aorus branding, AORUS UK has now is teasing their upcoming product. The panel should be 10-bit and that thus indicated HDR. The diagonal size isn't revealed however it'll be a 144Hz FreeSync panel.

Hints at the first Gigabyte monitor were already available on reddit . Photos of a monitor with Aorus logo were shown there. A look at the on-screen menu revealed a resolution of 2,560 × 1,440 pixels, FreeSync support and various display modes such as Low Blue Light, PiP / PbP or Black Stabilizer. The product name quickly became known: Aorus AD27QD is said to be the 27-inch monitor shown, which also confirms an entry in the Korea Energy Agency database .

AMD lists the AD27QD already in the list of FreeSync monitors. According to AMD, the monitor uses an IPS panel with said WQHD resolution and should work with a refresh rate of up to 144 Hertz. The FreeSync range is specified at 48 hertz to 144 hertz via both DisplayPort and HDMI. It also supports Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) to keep FreeSync working at frame rates below 48 Hertz. The requirements for FreeSync 2 alias FreeSync HDR but apparently not met.

The unveiling will apparently take place on 16 January, which would be after CES 2019.

Gigabyte To Announce WHQD Gaming Monitor at CES, 10-bit, 144 Hz and FreeSync

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