Gigabyte shows mechanical keyboard with USB 3.0

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Check out Gigabyte's Aivia Osmium, a new mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX red switches and a USB 3.0 hub. It's expected to become available for around $100 as tech report reported.

Behind every key on the Aivia Osmium sits a mechanical switch, Gigabyte says, including the five macro keys in the upper left corner. Next to the macro row lie two analog wheels: one to adjust the brightness of the blue backlight, and another to control the audio volume. Analog headphone and microphone jacks can be found along the right edge.

The audio ports are linked to pass-through connectors, and so is the built-in USB connectivity. USB ports are commonly found on modern keyboards, but the Osmium's are SuperSpeed-compatible. This is the first keyboard we've seen with USB 3.0.

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