Gigabyte releases USB 3.0 PCI Express Card

The GA-USB3 PCI Express expansion card that will allow any old and current system to enjoy the benefits of the new universal serial bus standard, if you can find some actual USB 3 devicxes that is :)

Gigabyte recently also revealed an upcoming motherboard that, based on AMD's 890GX chipset, with onboard USB 3.0 support with two connectors. Still, there is no clear indication of exactly when this board will debut. As such, the company has decided to offer a substitute, especially considering that, now, there is a reasonable variety of devices compatible with the new standard.

The device is dubbed the GA-USB3.0 PCI-Express expansion card and operates on the PCI Express x1 interface. It uses a 2oz copper blue PCB and boasts an MOLEX power plug through which connected devices are supplied with up to three times more watts than otherwise possible. The number of actual SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports that the GA-USB3.0 provides is equal to two.

The company has already made this product widely available and has given it a price tag of $39.99, which is the equivalent of 31 Euro.

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