Gigabyte Offers MA10-ST0 with Top-end Atom C3000 SoC

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Gigabyte announced its latest motherboard based on Intel's 'Denverton' architecture. Intel’s top Denverton SoC model is listed running at 16 cores, 1MB of L2 per core, 2.0 GHz base frequency.

This motherboard is the first in the product series and adopts the next generation Atom Processor C3000 Product Family - the C3958 - and addresses the cold-storage and network-edge needs of efficiency-conscious users . 

The major development in this platform is around the core count, performance/power leadership and flexible, highly-integrated I/O. These enable performance improvements of up to 2.5x generation-on-generation which support light, low-cost storage and scale-out applications.

GIGABYTE's new Atom(R)-based motherboard takes advantage of the performance efficiency of the new Denverton architecture, which allows for flexible integrated connectivity at low power. This allows for a range of storage and network-edge applications, due to:

Increased I/O Flexibility
Intel's new generation Atom platform is a single-chip SoC that offers up to 16 cores at low power, providing some of the highest power density (performance/watt) across Intel's Enterprise line up, this platform is ideal for lightweight, storage-heavy applications. 

Increased Core Count
GIGABYTE's Atom(R)-based offering provides the most flexible, extensive I/O options in a compact, low power design. The 20x HSIO lanes from the CPU provide support for up to 16x HDDs or 8x HDDs with one PCIe x8 slot, controlled by an automatic switch. This is in addition to dual USB 2.0 ports, and 2x both 10G SFP+ and 1G LAN ports. 

GIGABYTE's expert design team has developed the first SKU incorporating both the performance efficiency of the new platform and the unique design features that GIGABYTE is recognized for.

"GIGABYTE once again brings a new Intel architecture to the market - this time opening up a new paradigm in entry level platforms", said Etay Lee, GM, GIGABYTE. "We look forward to working with our channel partners to address the efficient and cost-sensitive applications that Denverton supports".

GIGABYTE currently offers this motherboard, built around the top-end SKU of the Intel Atom C3000 series.

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