GIGABYTE offers DRM Fix Tool for Intel Alder Lake Processors (Dynamic Parking and Unparking of E-Cores)

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Gigabyte has published the Gigabyte DRM Fix Tool, which allows users of Gigabyte Z690 motherboards to easily and swiftly park or unpark the E-cores (Gracemont) contained within Alder Lake processors.

Although it wasn't generally known prior to Alder Lake's announcement, it was widely assumed that the 12th Generation Core processors would have issues with older games that contained DRM. Briefly stated, Alder Lake's hybrid microarchitecture deceives DRM solutions such as Denuvo into believing that two different systems are concurrently the same game, despite the fact that both systems are using the same key. Obviously, a simple update on the part of the game developer will be sufficient to resolve the incompatibility concerns with the Alder Lake environment. To be practical, it's unlikely that developers will go to the trouble of updating all of their titles for Alder Lake, especially if the games are more than a couple of years old at this point.

Fortunately, motherboard manufacturers have included an option to turn off the Gracemont cores in the Alder Lake processor. The difficulty is that the choice is located within the motherboard's BIOS, which can be a confusing and daunting place for individuals with little computer experience. Even experienced users will find it inconvenient because they will have to manually restart the system, enable the option, and then restart again. The process is one that you must go through every time you wish to play an old game that has a DRM that does not play well with Alder Lake.

With the Gigabyte DRM Fix Tool, which is small in size and does not require installation, the work of parking E-cores is made easier. The bad news is that the software is only available for use with Gigabyte Z690 motherboards. In order to use this feature, only the most recent firmware version on the motherboard is required.

The DRM Fix Tool can be downloaded from the Gigabyte website.

Gigabyte Z690 Motherboards

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Z690 Aorus Elite F4a
Z690 Aorus Elite AX F5a
Z690 Aorus Elite DDR4 F5a
Z690 Aorus Master F6b
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Z690 Aorus Pro DDR4 F6a
Z690 Aorus Tachyon F3a
Z690 Aorus Ultra F5a
Z690 Aorus Xtreme F5a
Z690 Aorus Xtreme WaterForce F4a
Z690 Gaming X F5a
Z690 Gaming X DDR4 F6a
Z690I Aorus Ultra F4a
Z690I Aorus Ultra DDR4 F5a
Z690M Aorus Elite AX DDR4 F5a
Z690M Aorus Elite DDR4 F5a
Z690M DS3H DDR4 F2a
Z690 UD F5a
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Z690 UD AX F5a
Z690 UD AX DDR4 F5a
Z690 UD DDR4 F5a

GIGABYTE offers DRM Fix Tool for Intel Alder Lake Processors (Dynamic Parking and Unparking of E-Cores)

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