Gigabyte makes a booboo, mentioned RTX 2070 Ti

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Alright, I'll call this is an honest mistake as it simply just is too early for this anyway. Gigabyte posted a Halloween banner with a promotion yesterday, it mentions the RTX 2070 and the RTX 2070 Ti. The traditional online sources already are reporting that  a TU104 based product. 

The likelihood that the banner should have read 2080 Ti over 2070 Ti is far greater than a 2070 Ti at this stage. Of course as logic dictates, if such a product would ever be released, it needs to be a TU104 for the simple reason that all shader cores on TU106 are already in use.

Do not expect this anytime soon, despite what some other websites are spouting and shouting. Gigabyte has already responded and cleared the air by confirming, this was a typo.

Gigabyte makes a booboo, mentioned RTX 2070 Ti

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