Gigabyte M7 THOR Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte launches their M7 THOR Gaming Mouse, a mid-level gaming mouse with 6000 dpi laser sensor. With a professional-grade laser sensor offers lightning fast 12,000 FPS image processing capability for absolute control and precise mouse movement. Advanced laser engine offers optimum and reliable performance, the FORCE M7 THOR is named after the son of Odin.

Ergonomic Grip with Ideal Shape for comfortable Gameplay
Supreme ergonomically designed grip using an efficient and ideal stylized shape for user comfort, maximum stability, and precision movement during frenzied use.

3-Stage DPI Adjustment
800/1600/5600 3-Stage DPI adjustable switch with 3-Stage LED indicators for quick on-the-fly DPI adjustment

*The hardware based sensitivity up to 5600dpi and software enhanced up to 6000dpi.

Ultra-durable USB Cable
Reinforced USB cable for maximum durability 
Gold plated USB connector for optimum signal transfer

5 Programmable Buttons
FORCE M7 THOR is capable of using exclusively intuitive software application to customize button settings, sensitivities, and also simulate keypress of keyboard based on gamer's needs.

Non-slick Coating
FORCE M7 THOR features a non-slick, anti-abrasion coating and rubberized grip that allows for exceptional grip and comfort during long period gameplay.

Gaming Grade Feet Pads
Large size of gaming grade feet pads provides maximum smooth glide. Glide your FORCE M7 THOR as fast as your desire.

nterface USB
Tracking System Advanced Laser Sensor
Sensitivity 6000dpi (The hardware based sensitivity up to 5600dpi)
Frame Rate 12,000 frames/second
Maximum Tracking Speed 150 inches/ second
Certificate CE/ FCC/ BSMI/KCC
Color Black
Cable Length 1.8m / Gold-plated USB connector
Dimension (L)137*(W)78*(H)41 mm
Weight 110g
Support OS Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7
Maximum Acceleration 30G
Switch Life (L/R click) 5 million times (Left/right click)

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