Gigabyte launches Radeon HD 4770

Gigabyte, the company with the most complex naming schema ever launched their GV-R477D5-512H-B :)

The GV-R477D5-512H-B is built on the highly anticipated ATI Radeon HD 4770 GPU ­­­­­­­which utilizes the latest 826 million transistors on 40nm fabrication process and GDDR5 memory. Featuring the GIGABYTE GV-R477D5-512H-B features the latest TeraScale graphics engine, 640 stream processor units and UVD 2 with Blu-ray picture-in-picture decode, the GV-R477D5-512H-B is able to deliver higher 2D and 3D graphics performance and offers features enthusiasts have been waiting for.

With the great performance, The GV-R477D5-512H-B takes full advantage of Blu-ray functionality with dual-stream, picture in picture (PIP) capabilities and one-cable HDMI

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