Gigabyte launches OC contest

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Gigabyte is organizing a big overclocking contest. Though the contest is organized globally, this news-item is really adressed to the Dutch and Belgium people. The OC contest is called Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship 2009. The contest is soimple, you need a Gigabyte motherboard and Intel chipset, you need to achieve the fastest SuperPi 4M time and submit it to them.

So if you meet the requirements, start overclocking at home, then submit your results towards Gigabyte. All you need to do is submit a screenshot of your results. The screenshots also needs to show CPU-Z validation and Core Temp.

This is of course not a regular overclocking webcontest. No, the best 3 teams of this webcontest will compete against the best 3 teams of Germany in a live contest in Eindhoven on 28th of March.

What is more exciting and challenging then a Belgium/Dutch

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