Gigabyte fixes problems defective X79 motherboards

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It seems that yesterdays report on the burning CPU VRM of X79 motherboards got an update from Gigabyte. The problem lies in the BIOS which allows a far to extreme setting. They are upgrading board replacements for free and add a lifetime warranty.

For those that have not had an issue, a BIOS will fix and rpevent the motherboard from overheating:

Gigabyte Technology, in response to questions concerning a defective BIOS design in its X79-series motherboards, has offered remedies including recall of certain versions of X79 motherboards, replacements with upgraded BIOS and lifetime maintenance warranty for related models, according to the company.

The defective BIOS design was found when some enthusiastic players were testing the limit of overclocking of Gigabyte's high-end X79-UD3 motherboards, which then caught fire and released smoke when the devices were overclocking, revealed industry sources.

In addition to the replacement of new products, Gigabyte said that it will also offer lifetime warranty for X79 motherboards that have been upgraded to F7 BIOS and beyond.

Rival vendors Asustek Computer and ASRock have also launched X79-based motherboards but the two companies both have set overclocking limits on the devices, whereas Gigabyte did not set a maximum clock limit on its X79 boards previously, indicated the sources.

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