GELID SlimHero low-profile CPU cooler

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Cooling firm GELID presents the SlimHero, a compact cooling solution for all contemporary Intel and AMD processors. The cooler has a height of just 59mm and features four sintered copper heatpipes and an aluminium fin array that's cooled by a 120mm fan. The MSRP is $32 (25EUR).

The “ SlimHero ” features 4 sintered power heatpipes with a silent and slim 120mm fan . The copper heatpipes ensure maximum heat transfer from CPU to the aluminum fins. The heatsink is built in a unique shape to lower the air flow resistance. The cooler can be mounted on each direction s of the AMD™ socket.

The low profile cooler “ SlimHero ” is especially designed for compact PC cases where space can be the key problem. With a total height of 5.9 cm this cooler can fit almost all smaller cases and is able to cool up to 136W (TDP).

The heatsink is bundled with a silent and slim 120mm fan with high airflow . The fan comes with an intelligent PWM control which allow s users to set the fan speed in their BIOS accordingly.

The cooler is compatible to Intel 775 / 1155/ 1156 / 1366 (LGA 1155) and AMD AM2/ AM2+ / AM3/ AM3+ / FM1 / FM2 sockets, is RoHS and WEEE conform and has warranty of 5 years.

“ A Mini - PC provides entertainment in today’s living room and a powerful but silent low pro file cooler such as the SlimHero makes it happen ,” says VC Tran, Marketing Director of GELID Solutions

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