GELID Launches Liquid 360 Ultimate AIO Liquid CPU Cooler with Infinity-Mirror Ornament

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GELID has expanded its Liquid Ultimate series of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers with the introduction of its latest product, the Liquid 360 Ultimate. This new cooler features a 360 mm radiator and an infinity-mirror ornament framed by addressable-RGB.

The pump-block of the Liquid 360 Ultimate boasts a tiny 2-digit seven-segment display that displays the coolant temperature in real-time, making it easier for users to monitor their system's cooling performance. The three included Smart ARGB PWM 120 mm fans have an infinity-mirror on the impeller hub, providing impressive ARGB LED illumination that's diffused by the frosty-white impeller.

These fans deliver an airflow of up to 61.9 CFM, with a speed range of 750 to 1,800 RPM, and can generate up to 1.67 mm H₂O static pressure with a maximum noise level of 29.6 dBA. Thanks to hydro-dynamic bearings rated for 50,000 hours, users can expect long-lasting performance from these fans.

The GELID Liquid 360 Ultimate is compatible with various CPU socket types, including LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115x, AM5, and AM4, and offers cooling capacity of over 300 W, making it a great option for high-performance systems. The product's pricing has not been disclosed yet. The price is approximately $139 USD.

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