GeForce GTX Titan Z review - Benchmarks Leak - But are they real ?

There is this user in our forums called Dr.Lee (aka DGLee), every now and then he posts benchmarks on upcoming products with parts that really are not out there just yet. Now this round he has posted benchmark results on the much discussed dual-GPU GeForce GTX Titan Z. Which is interesting as these cards are no-where to be found. 

Typically I believe that DGLee is 'guesstimating' results or simply fakes them by using other product to get to the main results. In this case DGLee posted a series of benchmarks. 

Now personally I think that the guy took two GTX 780 Ti cards, lowered the core and memory frequency and then that would be the numbers shown. He also never shows any photo's of the actual tested products. Then again I could be completely wrong here, but the results are always a bit 'coincidental'. Regardless, if I am wrong then these would be the real numbers. If I am right, these would be the numbers that could be very close to the actual product.

The GeForce GTX Titan Z features two GK110 GPUs sharing 5760 Shader Cores, 448 TMUs and 96 ROPs. With a 384-bit x 2 memory bus is has 12 GB graphics memory. That memory is clocked at 7 GHz . The GPU core clock speeds are set at a 705 MHz base and a 876 MHz boost frequency. The card offers 8.1 TFlops and 2.3 TFlops of double precision. 

Below the benchmark results courtesy of DGLee as posted in our forums go there for the full-size screenshots.

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