GeForce Experience To Get Ray Tracing And AI Tech for Ansel RTX

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Nvidia will be updating its GeForce Experience software to make use of ray tracing capabilities with its announced GeForce RTX series graphics cards. A big update for Ansel is coming, Nvidia's screen grabbing feature.

AnselRT, GeForce RTX graphics cards feature dedicated ray-tracing processors called RT Cores, which accelerate and deliver real-time ray tracing for games. Ansel RTX’s newest feature, Ansel RT, uses that tech to create ray traced Ansel photos with the highest-possible fidelity. Here’s how it works: when you’re in Ansel mode in a supported ray-traced game and fly around using your free camera, the game engine uses your in-game graphics settings.

The moment you pause movement, Ansel RT quickly cranks up the level of ray-tracing to beyond real-time levels for the best possible in-game photo. In Assetto Corsa Competizione, invoking Ansel RT dramatically increases the number of rays cast into a scene, increasing refractions per pixel by 10X, Ambient Occlusion samples by 12X, shadow samples by 32X, and reflection samples by 40X.

GeForce RTX graphics cards feature Tensor Cores, processors that power and accelerate AI features for gaming. Ansel RTX’s new feature, AI Up-Res, uses these Tensor Cores to apply AI-enhanced resolution scaling so you can save your NVIDIA Ansel in-game photos at up to 8K.



Battlefield V, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Metro Exodus, Hitman 2, and several other games are adding Ansel, bringing the total number of titles with native Ansel support to 66. As for Highlights, 15 games are adding support, including Battlefield V, Metro: Exodus, Hitman 2, Prey: Mooncrash, Islands of Nyne, Phantom Doctrine, and Insurgency Sandstorm, bringing the total number of titles with Highlights to 38.

You can download and check out a small PDF presentation here.

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