GC: GTAIV for PC announced

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At the Games Conferecne In Germany GTA IV has been announced. The first details and shots of the PC version of GTA IV have emerged online today. The game features include a replay editor, better search options for matches online, the ability to play with a controller instead of keyboard and mouse (for all the masochists out there) and of course polished visuals worthy of the platform.
  • The number of multiplayer slots may be expanded for the PC version (16 is the limit for the console versions).
  • The maximum resolution is 2560x1600. 
  • Players can record 30 second clips and then they can add filters and adjust the camera angle using the replay editor. They can also paste clips together and then upload them to R* Social Club for others to view online. 
  • Players can search for multiplayer games more specifically (e.g. a deathmatch with pistols only). 
  • The Xbox 360 controller is compatible with the PC version.

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