Gamescom 2018: Cooler Master Shows MasterCase SL600M

One more from Cooler Master? Why not. In a business booth they have been showing a new chassis that is still a prototype, it, however, should be available later this year. Not a gamers chassis, nope, an Aluminum chassis with dark tempered glass. This is all about style, and the SL600M oozes just that.

The MasterCase SL600M kicks off the “SL” series with its flagship. These cases are developed with very quiet operation in mind. Chimney-based heat regulation is an efficient way to blend together silent technology with gaming performance. The intake is positioned at the bottom, and the exhaust on the top. The use of aluminum was a design choice that enables the MasterCase SL600M to be a sophisticated workstation with the capability of being built for high-performance gaming. 


You probably noticed the motion detection thing, so it's like this. The USB ports at the front side will light up once you are close to them with your hands, so there's a motion detection sensor there.

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