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The guys over at G4 have shared their impressions on the new Wolfenstein game in development. Up to this point, all is good, really good as it seems. Though this game was demoed for Xbox360, hopefully there will be a PC version. Check the video.

You start the game with a group of resistance fighters called the Kreissau Circle, a group of German resistance fighters from the city of Eisenstadt. Everything looks pretty typical at first. You blow away Nazis with an MP-40 submachine gun and a Kar-98 rifle. Blowing up a train, supposedly holding a Nazi weapons cache, releases a massive amount of occult energy and things get weird all of a sudden. Furniture, debris and men start floating in mid air, which gives you the opportunity for the first hovering-Nazi-killing-spree in the history of gaming.

In the second (and last) level Sokal displayed, BJ fights his way through a churchyard. The mystic side of the game comes more heavily into play. You can access the powers of the Black Sun by entering The Veil. While in Veil-mode, BJ has heightened perceptions, the ability to slow down time, and even the ability to walk and shoot through certain walls. The Veil also shows you the weak points on upgraded enemies, like the first occult particle cannon-wielding Nazi supersoldier, who inconsequentially, reminded me of a extremely militant Ghostbuster with a leather fetish.

A weapons upgrade system allows you to purchase items such as extended clips and silencers. You can also pick up new sci-fi weapons, like the Nazi particle cannon, after killing enemies. "You never have to lose weapons or manage your arsenal. We didn

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