Game Developer Conference has been postponed until at least the summer time

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The Game Developers Conference is postponed due to a number of cancellations due to the Covid-19 virus. We expect this to become the norm for a couple of months. In fact, and this is a personal opinion, we think that Computex is to be canceled as well as the Corna outbreak could last months.

Earlier on the Mobile World Congress was canceled as well. many companies wisely have set travel restrictions, and yes it is good to see that as common sense is going to help a lot with the outbreak. GDC cancellations from Activision, Blizzard, Gearbox, Epic Games, Microsoft, Unity, and Sony had been announced. That all accumulated made to organization delay the event it all together.

Because of this large number, the board has decided to hold the San Francisco fair only later in the summer, an exact date has not yet been announced.

It will be interesting to see if any announcements from parties like NVIDIA and AMD will be made this month though. My gut feeling is that much of it will be delayed as well. 

-- GDC -- fter close consultation with our partners in the game development industry and community around the world, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone the Game Developers Conference this March. Having spent the past year preparing for the show with our advisory boards, speakers, exhibitors, and event partners, we're genuinely upset and disappointed not to be able to host you at this time .

We want to thank all our customers and partners for their support, open discussions and encouragement. As everyone has been reminding us, great things happen when the community comes together and connects at GDC. For this reason, we fully intend to host a GDC event later in the summer. We will be working with our partners to finalize the details and will share more information about our plans in the coming weeks.


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