Galaxy puts detachable Fan Onto 810 MHz GTX 460

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We already have the regular version and the OC version of these cards here in the lab spinning, testing and pushing numbers. Galaxy / KFA2 here in the EU has announed their GTX 460 cards.

Galaxy has four video boards on sale. Two of them have 1 GB of GDDR5 VRAM and a memory bandwidth of 256 bits, whereas the other two obviously have 'only' 768 MB of memory and an interface of 192 bits. All of them are factory overclocked, but the Super OC Editions are the real beasts of the series.

The GeForce GTX 460 GC editions have the GPU running at 700 MHz instead of just 675 MHz, as well as shader and memory clocks of 1,400 MHz (stock is 1350 MHz) and 3696 MHz, respectively. The GTX 460 Super OC models, on the other hand, push the GPU all the way up to 810 MHz, the shaders to 1,620 MHz and the GDDR5 to 4,000 MHz. Furthermore, the devices boast solid capacitors, for better stability, and are tested in a static-free environment in order to ensure that they meet the

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