GALAXY displays GAMER RGB DDR5 memory - With a Hint of Tetris and lego

This time around, GALAXY also demonstrated its first DDR5 memory, which is part of the GAMER line and is entitled GAMER RGB DDR5, and will be available at a speed of 4800MHz.

Seven years have elapsed since DDR4 memory was initially introduced onto the marketplace in 2014. Memory will undergo an iteration in 2021, and DDR5 memory will be introduced to the consumer market in conjunction with the launching of Intel's 12th-generation Core series processors in that year. Memory replacement is not as regular as it is for many other items, making it easier to attract customers' attention to it. Many memory manufacturers are currently displaying the DDR5 memory that will be available in the near future.

There will be several distinct specs available, starting with a 16GB x2 package and progressing to 8GB x2 and 32GB x2 packages. Products that will help consumers meet their demands even better.

In the early days of DDR5 memory, the differences between DDR5 memory from different manufacturers were generally minor in terms of specifications and performance. GALAXY thinks that buyers would be able to distinguish it from other items because of its striking design. The GAMER series was chosen by GALAX as the company's first DDR5 memory series. It was a nice touch that its tagline "No GAMER, no games" and its efforts to be more intriguing in design were used

This time, the GAMER RGB DDR5 memory incorporates a design feature that is recognizable to many people: the Tetris game and lego. The colors on the front and back of the memory card are red and blue, with white accents. Additionally, the building block parts found in the GAMER GeForce RTX 30 line of GAMER graphics cards were utilized in the development of this memory.

In the shape of a building block, the light guide rod is designed to work precisely with the building block accessories that are now available on the market. Players can freely customize it in the same way that they would stack Lego. In the words of GALAXY, the reason for designing the light guide in the shape of a building block is to allow players to match transparent building block accessories of different colors in order for the memory lighting effect to transmit different colors, while also taking into consideration both practicality and fun.

With the debut of the Intel Alder Lake processor, GALAXY GAMER RGB DDR5 RAM will be available to consumers in the not-too-distant future.

GALAXY displays GAMER RGB DDR5 memory - With a Hint of Tetris and lego

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