GALAX releases RTX 4060 Ti Metal Master Classic Edition OC Graphics Card

GALAX announced the launch of its new RTX 4060 Ti Metal Master Classic Edition OC graphics card. The graphics card is constructed with a die-cast all-aluminum alloy body and features a triple-fan cooling system. Each of the three 92mm fans utilizes an 11-blade static design, optimized for increased airflow and cooling efficiency. The cooling architecture, branded as the Hanguangxing system, comprises a fully metallic structure with six nickel-plated heat pipes. These heat pipes are strategically positioned to dissipate heat from critical components like the GPU core and video memory. Additionally, the card includes a distinctive tail-end hollow design which contributes to thermal management by facilitating better air circulation.

In terms of power, the RTX 4060 Ti Metal Master Classic Edition OC incorporates a 6+1 phase power supply system and is built on an 8-layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB), ensuring robust power delivery and system stability. GALAX offers a three-year warranty for this graphics card, emphasizing their commitment to product reliability and consumer trust. Priced initially at approximately $474 USD (converted from 3,299 yuan), this model is designed for high-performance computing and gaming.

Source: ithome

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