FrozenCPU to Close Doors, Shifts Focus to ModRight Brand

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FrozenCPU, renowned for its wide array of water cooling components and accessories for PC enthusiasts, has revealed plans to cease operations in order to concentrate on their ModRight brand.

The company gained popularity in the mid to late 2000s, providing exceptional customer service and establishing itself as a premium online destination in North America for niche PC enthusiasts. According to the official closure announcement, FrozenCPU will continue accepting orders until April 30, 2023, offering a 50% discount on all in-stock items using the code "SAVENOW" in a bid to liquidate remaining stock.

This isn't the first time the company has faced closure. In 2015, FrozenCPU shut down abruptly following a series of dramatic events, including warehouse damage and staff dismissals. Unresolved accounts, unpaid vendors, and unshipped orders marked a chaotic period. However, the company made a comeback after several months, led by a brand-new team eager to rebuild its reputation and set a new path for the future. FrozenCPU managed to placate vendors and fulfill outstanding orders, maintaining a relatively stable trajectory for the past five years.

FrozenCPU, a pioneer of liquid cooling for desktops since 1999, has decided to close their online retail operation. They have enjoyed great success since its inception when determined founder, Mark Friga, started the company out of a 1-bedroom apartment in upstate NY. That success is attributed to impeccable customer service, offering many custom modifications and being in a niche market that exploded in popularity.

They will move away from ecommerce to focus on expanding their ModRight brand. In 2013 they made a splash when then owner, Mark Friga, developed and patented the first of its kind anti-static assembly mat. The ModRight Mod-Mat Xtreme allows you to build or assemble PC components while staying safe from electrostatic discharge due to the mat material. The useful measuring devices printed on the mat in full color is what makes it so special.

“We want to Thank everyone for their patronage through the years and our loyal fans and followers for being there along the way with us over the past 23 years. It was a fantastic journey, and this was not an easy decision. We persevered through ups and downs and have now reached the time for change. Moving forward with ModRight products and partnerships is our future. We will still be here but in a different capacity”, says the current owner, Lori Neva.

Everything is for sale, says Neva. They will have cash and carry days for all furniture and fixtures at the warehouse in Rochester, NY. Online orders will be accepted through April 30, 2023. Check the website for more information and 50% off all IN STOCK items.

FrozenCPU to Close Doors, Shifts Focus to ModRight Brand

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