ForceWare 177.98 XP and Vista

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There's a new ForceWare driver available on the web (thanks laptopvideo2go) with revision build 177.98.

This driver is available for both Windows XP 32- and 64-bit versions and Windows Vista in 32-bit. This driver set is commonly distributed on many websites and it is receiving pretty good feedback. Bare in mind this to be considered a beta driver, use it at your own risk. NVIDIA does not officially support them.

There are several discussion open on these drivers in the Guru3D NVIDIA driver forums, check them here. Driver wise, pretty much any GeForce graphics card build in the last 3 years is supported. We have virus & pest checked these drivers and they are scanned as clean. If you decide to give these a try, please post your feedback in this Forceware 177.98 discussion thread.

This driver has a broad support for many GeForce graphics cards and definitely is the latest build available.


  bullet.gifForceWare 177.98 Vista (32-bit)
  bullet.gifForceWare 177.98 XP (64-bit)
  bullet.gifForceWare 177.98 XP (32-bit)

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