Folding@home reaches 470 petaflops in computing power primarily simulating COVID-19 proteins

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A week and a half ago I wrote a little piece about the Folding@Home project. I am happy to report that many gurus have joined the team and that we're moving 24 Million points per day at the moment, helping solve some of Corona COVID-19 challenges and questions. 

The Folding@Home team has not been sitting still, the project is nearly exploding and just before the weekend reached 470 petaflops in computing power. Previously Folding@home had 30K volunteers, who together accounted for roughly 100 petaflops of computing power on average. So that means the project is now surpassing the most powerful supercomputers in the world in terms of compute performance.  

While not all workloads can be assigned to COVID-19, currently most computing power is used for the coronavirus project.An important part of the research is simulating proteins, for which GPUs are ideal. The whole decentralized system is used to make a protein that will function as an antibody,  able to fight the virus. The first protein that will help fight against Covid-19 has already been simulated. Let's hope that will help out the science and health communities. 


If you join in, it might take a while before a workload is assigned to you, just be patient. One note COVID-19 projects prefer fast GPUs. You can easily join up by downloading the client, which is easy to download and install. You do not need to utilize your PC or components 100%, but can choose light, medium and full settings, also in idle or always at work. If you like to donate GPU/CPU cycles, download the client, insert your nickname and if you want to Guru3D Team number: 69411 (or join any other team you prefer of course). You can also join anonymously. 



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