First Snowy Owl-platform AMD Epyc Embedded SoC and Mobo Surface

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AMD's Snowy Owl platform has surfaced. Snowy Owl is a platform based on embedded Epyc server processors that place a focus on networks. BGA chips are fabbed and implemented as SoCs, which can have up to 16 zen cores per SOC and thus 32 threads. All that with a tdp of 35 to 100 watts.

There are a couple of slides available, spotted by videocardz that have some more detail on the Epyc 3000-series SoCs. The units will support four ddr4 channels (ECC) at 2667 MHz. The SOC offers up-to 64 pci-e 3.0 lanes, and that all sounds very Threadripperísh alright. There will be several SKUs configured as four and eight (SP4r2 BGA), and then eight, twelve and sixteen-core SP4 BGA models.

Where things get interesting (from a network server side of things) are eight 10GBASE-KR connections / GbE ports. Cheaper models might have these reconfigured in a smaller order of connectors available of course.

One motherboard already listed, is from Taiwanese iBase, in their product PDF (download here) you will stumble into the MBN806 motherboard, it shows the Epyc Embedded 3201 BGA SP4r2 holding two NIC slots. There's just one Gigabit NIC, but thus that can be expanded upon. The particular Epyc 3201 SOC is listed as a part with eight cores and threads. 

AMD is going hard and strong in the server/datacenter segment alright. 

First Snowy Owl-platform AMD Epyc Embedded SoC and Mobo Surface

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