F@H Starts New Vision Projects

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F@H has launched new projects to understand the dynamics of Rhodopsin (Details). Rhodopsin is the protein responsible for light detection in the eye. Once light is detected, it triggers a signal cascade which eventually leads to electrical stimulation which we perceive as an image. These projects will set a baseline for understanding the negative impacts of Rhodopsin mutations and may potentially yield an insight into therapeutic strategies for restoring/preventing vision loss.

If you would like to help the scientists out and take part in this noble cause, you can join our Guru3D team! Our team number is 69411 and here are two ways to contribute from your system:

  1. The Chrome Folding App (Details): It is a simple app that runs in your Chrome browser across Windows, Linux and OSX. It is best suited for those that would like to contribute anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
  2. The V7 Application (Details): It has an intuitive interface and runs on Windows, Linux and OSX. It is best suited for those who would like to contribute for several hours to days.

For further questions or support, feel free to ask in our F@H forum.

F@H Starts New Vision Projects

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