Far Cry 5 Will be released February 17th 2018 + Announce Trailer

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Last week we have seen some game being announced, one of them is Far Cry 5. The game takes place in the US state Montana. Players need to battle a cult called Eden's Gate with leader Joseph Seed.

Set in fictional Hope County, Montana, the player follows a sheriff deputy officer, who has come to arrest Joseph Seed, the leader of a local doomsday cult called "Project at Eden's Gate", as well as his children known as the "The Heralds", Jacob, John, and Faith. Eden's Gate has used both coercion and violence to bring the existing residents of Hope County into its cult.

However, the officer's attempt to arrest Seed quickly falls apart, and he is swept into the conflict between Eden's Gate and the existing residents in Hope. In his journey, the younger officer will get assistance from several locals, including Pastor Jerome, a local church leader that has seen his congregation taken by Eden's Gate, Mary May, a bartender whose father was murdered by the cult, and Nick Rye, a pilot who aims at eliminating the influence of the cult in order to build a better future for his kids.

Far Cry 5 Worldwide Reveal Trailer is out and gives us a look into the game’s world, characters, and the story we are going to follow. The title is releasing next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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