Far Cry 5 PC graphics settings unveiled

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Over at PCGamer the game’s graphics settings from the PC version have been revealed. Ubisoft implemented a decent amount of graphics settings. In addition, there are also options for framerate, resolution scaling and field of view.

The fifth entry in the main Far Cry series now weeks s away from launch, Ubisoft has decided to reveal the amount of horsepower PC players will need on their systems to run the game at respectable frame rates, along with a few settings that are exclusive to the platform. Those of us who want to fool around with the settings, there will be a slew of options available, even a graphics memory usage meter. Also on hand will be various aspect ratio options, a field of view slider, optional framerate caps, and resolution scaling support. Anti-aliasing options are limited to SMAA and TAA, though the latter isn't supported by multi-GPU setups.

Far Cry 5 PC graphics settings unveiled

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