eVGA readies EVGA X58 Classified motherboard

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A while ago a preview was already shown at a colleague website. eVGA however is close to launching its EVGA X58 Classified motherboard.

The Classified edition will be the cream of the crop X58 motherboard for the uber-highend PC enthusiasts. A design feature of this motherboard the power-circuitry that fuels its various components. A 1.33 MHz 10-phase digital PWM circuitry with dual 8-pin 12V inputs, along with 4-phase circuit for the DDR3 memory, and 3-phase NB power. Four PCI-E x16 slots driven by the Intel X58 chipset in conjunction with NVIDIA's

NF200allowing four x16 PCI-E slots. As many of you already know, the NF200 is a PCI-E 2.0 x16 bridge-chip solution, which does add extra latency to the data transfer process.

That offers 3-way SLI + an additional slot for a GeForce accelerator dedicated to process PhysX.

Elaborate heatpipe based coolers over the board's northbridge and VRM areas keep temperatures under check. The launch price is expected to be around $400~$450, putting it off the radar for most. EVGA provides a plug-in remote PCB, supporting power, reset, CMOS clear, a hex POST code LED display, on-the-fly VCore adjustment, and PCI-E disable jumpers.

The remote buttons come in handy when benchmarking the board out of a PC case, especially when the lowest PCI-E slot is occupied.

You can expect a review on Guru3D in the upcoming weeks. Click here to visit the eVGA product page.

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