eVGA also making H55 and H57 motherboards

Looks like eVGA is going really astray from NVIDIA with Intel based motherboard. Normally focussing on the high-end segment eVGA now seems to be working on the mid-range spectrum as well. eVGA will launch both H55 and H57 motherboards.

Both motherboards are equipped with a pci-e x16-, pci-e x4- and twp pci-slots. The H55- and H57-chipsets each offer six sata ports, another two ports you will get through a Jmicron-chip controller. Each motherboard has respectively 12 and 14 USB ports (2.), gigabit Ethernet and Realtek 8 channel audio. Furthermore you'll spot VGA and DVI connectors for usage in combo with a Clarkdale processor.

Check out the thumbnails.

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