Tesla Model S travels 670 miles / 1078km on one charge

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Nice, so there's a model S owner that managed to ride his car for 670 miles / 1000km on one single charge of the battery – a new record distance for electric vehicles. There's a bit of a catch though.

Tesla's Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that “Over 1000 km should be possible in a 100D with the right tires.” The owner of the new record took to a Tesla Owners group in Italy to display the achievement. Tesla Owners Italia announced the record earlier today on Twitter before a video of the record was posted to Facebook. The footage shows the car used 98.4 kWh of energy to drive 1,078 kilometres (670 miles) - which works out at 91 Wh/km, or 144 Wh/mi.

So as forum oldtimer Fox2232 already stated it, when this vehicle to run at average speed of 40km/h, it eats 91Wh/km. That means 3640Wh per hour of moving. So it is 3,64kW of input power. With 85% motor and circuitry efficiency, it is 3,1kW of work delivered. That translates to 4,16 hp (horsepower).

Oh and the catch, well it is the low speed that the record was achieved at. It was 23 miles aka 40 km/per hour, not exactly sexy. Add to that that they disabled Air conditioning + they used 'smooth driving techniques'. The record actuallt took them a massive 29 hours to complete. Currently electrical cards are hip, but mostly people do not buy them as they have short ranges and long charge times.

A total of 5 drivers got to drive the car with the AC off and the car consumed a total of 98.4 kWh of electricity. "The driving was made simple by the semi-autonomous driving system, which helped us to keep a constant speed in the middle of the lane," stated Rosario Pingaro, one of five drivers. Tesla’s Model S P100D has an official range of just over 500 kilometers/315 miles. Hopefully as battery technology continues to develop, we’ll start seeing leaps in range that bring us closer to long distance travel on that oh so important  single charge.

Tesla Model S travels 670 miles / 1078km on one charge

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