Epic Games to show off Unreal Engine 5 engine today

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You can probably remember it, back in 2020, Epic Games surprised everyone with the first glimpse of their Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine with the help of a very impressive demo “Lumen in the Land of Nanite”. 

According to Epic, tomorrow May 26 at 4 PM CEST we will be able to observe "a more in-depth look at the game development tools of Unreal Engine 5" , which could involve all the new technologies of UE5, its new tools and even, why not, a new graphic demo that shows all the potential implemented in a video game.

Meanwhile, Epic released a new video series highlighting some of the features revealed as part of last year's Unreal Engine 5 demo. These videos feature interviews recorded in January 2020, but still provide some interesting details from the developers regarding the new graphics engine tools.

Among the substantial improvements of UE5 that we have seen so far, Nanite stands out , which in short allows that as the player approaches a target, it improves its graphic quality, and vice versa when it moves away. As you can imagine, this increase and decrease in the number of polygons can be of great help for those PC gamers that have low-mid-range GPUs.

Another improvement is Lumen , a fully dynamic global lighting solution that reacts immediately to changes in scene and light.

Epic Games to show off Unreal Engine 5 engine today

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