EnGenius Launches ESR530 Home Smart Wi-Fi Networking Solution

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EnGenius expands with a new consumer Wi-Fi networking solution with a smart router called ESR530. The wireless smart router provides Wi-Fi connections in high-demand home Wi-Fi network environments. The ESR530 utilizes Qualcomm’s most recent consumer technology.

The ESR530 is built to empower smart homes and comes with a simplified configuration, deployment, remote cloud storage, and recovery capabilities. The latest product by EnGenius is a direct solution for budget-conscious families who want reliable single-network Wi-Fi signal delivered to every part of their home.

The EnGenius home Wi-Fi solution offers seamless wireless coverage and connectivity with the new Wave 2 dual band smart mesh router and also offers a free and secure private cloud storage solution that enables users to access their personal files from anywhere in the world.  The smart mesh routers remote cloud storage feature is available through the free app, EnFile. Through the USB port on the smart router, users can attach an external hard drive which can be accessed anywhere through a secure EnFile login on any mobile device. With the EnFile app, users can use smart devices to play music and videos, back up photos and transfer other data to and from their home networks.  The home Wi-Fi solution also comes with a network management app called EnMesh. EnMesh, available to both Android and Apple devices, makes it possible for the least experienced, to create and manage robust networking solutions built to empower smart homes. By simply plugging the first ESR530 into a modem, consumers can connect the mesh router and use the app’s intuitive interface to start taking advantage of all perks offered by EnGenius’ complete home solution. Adding additional ESR530 smart routers is easy.  Consumers can connect them to a wall outlet, and the smart routers will immediately find and auto-connect to the existing home wireless network creating a secure and reliable whole-home Wi-Fi network. EnMesh also allows for robust network management with features to create secure guest networks and advanced parental controls.

The ESR530 is an affordable yet high-quality networking solution for consumers wanting to overcome the challenges presented by the high internet and IoT device demands of modern day homes. The EnGenius smart mesh solution means no more household dead spots. The EnGenius smart home Wi-Fi network solution provides high-speed performance perfect for smooth streaming of up to 4K Ultra HD videos, online gaming with support for latest generation consoles, and stable connections.  The elegant ESR530 router supports up to eight nodes in the same network making it possible for consumers to build a mesh network robust enough to bring lag-free internet to thousands square feet of living space within a single network.

“We are very excited to see ESR530 join our home networking solution. We are thrilled to introduce a business quality product at such an attractive consumer price," said Eric Chen, director of product line management at EnGenius Technologies. "Even the highest-priced internet plans won’t be able to keep your smart home running if you do not have a stable Wi-Fi home network solution able to handle many connections simultaneously. The ESR530 was developed to be a great foundation for the new EnGenius smart Wi-Fi consumer solution. Having a stable and secure Wi-Fi home network is what makes a smart home truly smart."

The new ESR530 will be sold individually ($69.99 MSRP) and as pack of two ($129.99 MSRP). The product is now shipping.

To learn more information about EnGenius’ latest products, visit https://www.engeniustech.com/

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