Enermax Unleashes New LIQTECH Power Liquid Cooler Series

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Enermax's newly developed liquid CPU coolers series LIQTECH 120X and LIQTECH 240 feature a high quality aluminum water block to improve the cooling efficiency with minimum noise, an innovative radiator structure that provides a seamless contact area and increases heat dissipating speed. Foremostly, the unique patented Shunt-Channel-Technology (SCT) hidden in the water block eliminates the heat surges and boosts the thermal conductivity. The LIQTECH series also comes with 2 latest Enermax Twister Pressure PWM fans (high-pressure airflow) with smart APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) control providing 3 peak RPM options. The High-Pressure Airflow fans are detachable fan blades design for easy cleaning solution.

The LIQTECH series comes in two variations, the LIQTECH 120X is a 120 mm length radiator and the LIQTECH 240 is a one piece 240 mm full size radiator. For this series, radiators are designed with innovative SEAMLESS structure, which offers 120% contact area than conventional structure. This makes the fins to carry away more heat from the pipes and cool the coolant efficiently than traditional structures; yet, with the radiator thickness of 43 mm only.

A stand out feature of the LIQTECH series is the high quality aluminum water block and luminous LED for power-on indication. This series of liquid CPU coolers applies Enermax's new patented Shunt Channel Technology (SCT) cold plate, the revolutionary SCT redistributes the coolant and maximizes the coolant utilization rate. The less utilized coolant has the opportunity to blend with the heated coolant which traveled through the hot areas. Furthermore, SCT helps to break the boundary layer formed in the micro fin channels and enable coolant to take away more heat.

Enermax LIQTECH 120X/240 feature the latest Enermax Twister Pressure fans, which are High-Pressure Airflow Fans with APS Control(patented) forcing more air over time to increase cooling. The Smart APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) Control features with 3 Modes, Silent Mode: 600~1300 RPM, Performance Mode: 600~2000 RPM, and Overclock Mode: 600~2500 RPM. With the all-in-one, closed-loop system, the Enermax LIQTECH 120X and LIQTECH 240 both provide superior cooling performance without the complexity of DIY water cooling kits. LIQTECH series is a 100% maintenance-free, all-in-one liquid cooling systems with prefilled coolant. Along with powerful fans with detachable blades for easy maintenance, the smart aluminum bracket also offers trouble-free installation.

The Enermax LIQTECH 120X (ELC-LT120X-HP) will be available in late October, and LIQTECH 240 (ELC-LT240-HP) in mid-November.

Enermax Unleashes New LIQTECH Power Liquid Cooler Series

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