Enermax Offers New RevoBron Value PSU Series

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Enermax has launched its RevoBron PSU series, equipped with DFR self-cleaning tech. Moreover, it comes with a smart 2-in-1 fan controller, COOLERGENIE, providing system fans with semi-fanless control and fan-delay function.

RevoBron perfectly supports mainstream gaming rigs, multimedia systems, or home theater PCs. RevoBron is equipped with Twister Bearing fan for silent/durable cooling, embedded with ENERMAX DFR tech. to make the PSU fan perform a self-cleaning spin for 10 seconds upon startup to blow away the accumulated dust.

Superb Efficiency and High-quality Components 

RevoBron series is 80 PLUS Bronze certified with up to 90% high efficiency at typical load at 230VAC. In addition, DC to DC circuit, dual +12V rail design, together with 100% 105°C Japanese electrolytic capacitors make RevoBron a highly stable and durable unit.

RevoBron will be available on the market with 3 models: 500W/600W/700W.

COOLERGENIE is an intelligent 2-in-1 fan controller, delivering 2 incredible functions for system fans:

(1) semi-fanless: The controller allows users to adjust fanless setting for the system fans (excluding CPU cooler fan). There comes with 3 modes:


Fanless (aka Zero RPM) Mode Before System Load (%)


Before 40%


Before 55%


Fanless function is disabled. Fans spin according to their original settings.

(2) fan-delay: the design is to keep system fans (including CPU cooler fan) running for extra 40-60 seconds after the system is off, to dissipate the remaining heat within the chassis and prolong the lifetime of the system components. 

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