Enermax adds EMK 5 Series Storage Units

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ENERMAX introduces 3 new EMK 5 series backplane modules for industrial storage rack: EMK5301, EMK5401 and EMK5501, which can accomdate 3~5 3.5" SATA or SAS drives respectively. The 3 new EMK 5 backplane modules feature patented NSS (Non-Scratch-SATA) connectors, individual drives' power on/off controller, and a cooling fan.

The built-in LED and buzzer warning systems also help the system administrator easily locate the drives in question and service it. ENERMAX's EMK 5 internal storage racks offer storage system builders and user a safe way to manage the drive and protect the data.

The new ENERMAX EMK 5 internal storage racks are housed by a sturdy aluminum frame. The built-in fan provides constant active cooling for the drives. Each drive has individual LED power button to turn ON/OFF the corresponding drive. Selected buttons can turn ON/OFF all the drives at once. Futhermore, if user want to turn on all the drive at once, EMK 5 will do it by sequence to reduce the peak power load stressed on power supply. The storage rack has guidance rails to ensure the drive matches the backplane sockets: just push the drive into the rack and close the door. There is no need to install the addtional drive tray and this helps users save on service time.

The EMK 5 back control panel offers 4 controllers: LED ON/OFF, fan speed auto control or full speed, over temperature warning trigger point with 55/60/65°C options, and buzzer ON/OFF. Those controllers allow users to set the desired settings according to the environment or application.

ENERMAX EMK storage racks also feature the patented NSS connector, which can reduce scratches on the contact area and gives > 50,000 connect/disconnect. The NSS connector is compatible with SATA and SAS drives. The new EMK 5 racks are designed to install in 5.25" drive bays, and can accommodate 3~5 3.5" drives according to the models. With the latest OS, the HDD support capacity is unlimited.

New EMK 5 models, housing size and supported drive quantity are listed below:
  • EMK5301 : occupied 2 x 5.25" bay*1, accommodate 3 x 3.5" drives;
  • EMK5401 : occupied 3 x 5.25" bay*1, accommodate 4 x 3.5" drives;
  • EMK5301 : occupied 3 x 5.25" bay*2, accommodate 5 x 3.5" drives;

1 the chassis' 5.25" drive bay can have supporting rail;
2 the chassis' 5.25" drive bay should not have supporting rail;

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