Enemy Territory - Quake Wars Benchmark

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The alien race known as the Strogg is invading Earth in this yet to be released First-Person Shooter by id Software and Splash Damage. Unlike the original Enemy Territory game, which began life as a mod to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake Wars is a standalone game being produced by id and Splash Damage on a budget more in line with any other top tier game. Enemy Territory is a full-fledge game that promises great things.

Totally unique technology: MegaTexture refers to a texture allocation technique facilitating the use of an extremely large terrain texture instead of repeating multiple smaller textures. It is featured in Splash Damage's game, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and was developed by id Software technical director John Carmack. MegaTexture employs a single large texture for static terrain. The texture is stored on the hard disk and streamed as needed, allowing large amounts of detail and variation over a large area with comparatively little RAM usage. The upcoming game Rage powered by the id Tech 5 engine uses textures that measure up to 128000

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