Enable DirectX 10 for Borderlands in Windows 7

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Hidden away .. I wonder why. If you're running Borderlands on a Windows 7 platform, chances are you aren't actually running the game in DirectX 10. Why? The bro's over at ShackNews posted a very easy fix that will switch to the DirectX 10 render path and a few tweaks that will give you more visual eye candy to look at.

1. Go to the directory --> C:\Users\[Your user Name]\Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config a. Find the file WillowEngine.ini (make a copy and rename it as a backup)
2. Find the section [SystemSettings]

Change the following settings to True, you will see if you are currently in DX9 as well.

  • AllowD3D10=True (this is the key one to enable the DX10 render engine)

Also change the following

  • MotionBlur=True
  • DepthOfField=True
  • Bloom=True
  • UseHighQualityBloom=True
  • FogVolumes=True

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