Electric Reclining Gaming Cockpit 'GeeManticore' at Approximately 10K

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Gloture, based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, has announced the introduction of their multifunctional gaming chair, the "GeeManticore," which features electric reclining capabilities. 

This chair is designed to mount up to five displays and accommodate various devices around its surroundings. The "GeeManticore" is a gaming cockpit that allows users to recline comfortably while being surrounded by displays and gaming devices. It is the latest model in the "GeeScorpion" series, following the release of the intriguingly illuminated scorpion-shaped electric gaming chair, priced at approximately ¥670,000 (as of March 2, 2022).

The chair's unique design takes inspiration from the legendary creature "Manticore." It comes equipped with an arm that hangs from the top, capable of securely holding up to five displays. It can accommodate a single 49-inch display or mount three to five displays of 29 inches or smaller. Additionally, the chair features an electric reclining function, allowing users to adjust the backrest, footrest, and seat height using convenient buttons. This enables extended periods of comfortable seating and relaxation.

The seat fabric is made of microfiber leather, providing a perfect blend of firmness and softness for comfortable sitting. The chair also includes LED lighting features that contribute to the ambiance, serving as both decorative and lighting elements. It features an armrest with an integrated mouse pad and a built-in drink holder, as well as a keyboard tray. The overall dimensions of the GeeManticore are as follows: base width of 89 cm, depth of 160 cm, and height of 170 cm. The product comes with two HDMI cables measuring 5 meters each and a DisplayPort cable.

The GeeManticore is available for purchase from the Gloture's (Asia) website at a price of $10500 

Electric Reclining Gaming Cockpit 'GeeManticore' at Approximately 10K

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