EK Water Blocks EK Classic Liquid Cooling Kits Transition to D-RGB and More

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EK is updating the EK-Classic Kits by transitioning them all to the more customizable 5V D-RGB lighting and adding more tools in the package to help loop builders. That’s not where the magic stops, as these new Classic kits are more affordable. This was done with various production optimizations that yielded a more affordable and better product for end-users.

EK-Classic CPU Water Block 115x/20xx/AM4 D-RGB - a high-end, nickel-plated copper CPU water block for modern Intel and AMD processors. It uses addressable RGB LEDs to light up your CPU area. It features a classic, market-proven design that will perfectly fit the needs of core enthusiasts and demanding users as well. The tool-less mounting system makes the installation process a breeze even for beginners. This block comes with a pre-installed Intel mounting system while the AMD AM4 mounting system is in the packaging and needs to be installed if needed.

  • EK-AF Classic Angled 90° – nickel-plated brass angled adapters. One of the most useful tools to have, as it benefits every build. It makes a troublesome tube route easy and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • EK-Loop Soft Tube Cutter – a simple tool used to make a straight tube cut. Safe and easy to use.
  • EK-D-RGB 6-Way Splitter Cable – This splitter cable enables you to connect up to 6 D-RGB products to a single source header. Be it on the motherboard or on the D-RGB controller of your choice.
  • Foldable Filling Bottle – very convenient for mixing the EK-CryoFuel concentrates with distilled water. The telescopic tube of the filling bottle can reach even the most remote and crammed fill ports.
  • EK-Loop Multi Allen Key – a multi-purpose tool that replaces the standard 6mm, 8mm, and 9mm Allen key, while it can also be used to operate acetal plugs (with the line style groove). The key does not only replace all of the crucial Allen key formats used for building a liquid-cooled PC but also helps protect your liquid cooling gear.
  • Tube Cutter – a useful tool to make straight tube cuts quick, easy, and safe.
  • Reservoir Tube Clamp & Versatile Combo Bracket – these pieces feature several mounting options for your pump-reservoir combo offer you way more options to fit it perfectly inside your case.

EK-CoolStream Classic SE & PE radiators - offer great cooling capacity and compatibility with a great variety of modern cases. Built for EK-Vardar 120mm high static pressure fans, these radiators are optimized for maximum heat dissipation across an entire fan operational range, thus delivering exceptional performance at both low- and high airflow operation.

EK-Vardar S 120ER D-RGB (500-2200rpm) - high-static pressure computer cooling fan enriched by addressable RGB LEDs, designed and built primarily for highest-performance computer liquid cooling systems. EK-Vardar is simply the best choice for computer radiator cooling as it provides unmatched performance throughout the entire operating range.

EK-Classic Pump Reservoir 160 SPC PWM D-RGB - is a value-oriented water cooling pump reservoir combo. It has been designed to lower the production costs yet still offer premium hydraulic performance at the best price. PWM control allows for automatic pump speed regulation depending on your CPU temperature. Full performance on demand or whisper-quiet operation in idle mode and on top of that rich D-RGB illumination. It comes with both vertical and horizontal mounting kits.

EK-STC Classic 10/13 - nickel-plated brass fittings. With a high-quality finish, the EK-STC Classic Fittings are an aesthetically appealing and secure option for your custom loop liquid cooling system. A non-intrusive, minimalistic look, with NO added branding at all.

EK-CryoFuel Clear - is a specially designed additive for computer liquid cooling systems. It comes in a weight-saving 100 ml concentrated form, which just needs to be diluted with 900 ml distilled water (not included). The diluted liquid forms a stable non-toxic mixture for your liquid cooling loops and contains all the necessary corrosion, scale, and biological growth inhibitors.

EK-DuraClear - 2 meters of EK-DuraClear 9.5 mm (3/8") / 15.9 mm (5/8") premium-quality transparent PVC tubing with long-lasting clarity.

EK-D-RGB 6-Way Splitter Cable - this splitter cable enables you to connect up to 6 D-RGB products to a single source header. Be it on the motherboard or on the D-RGB controller of your choice.


Feature EK-KIT Classic RGB Series EK-Classic Kit D-RGB Series
Intel and AMD Compatible Yes Yes
2x 90° Angled Fittings Included No Yes
Tube Cutter Included No Yes
Filling Bottle Included No Yes
4-in-1 Allen Key Included No Yes
D-RGB 6-Way Splitter Cable Included No Yes
Reservoir Tube Clamp Included No Yes
Versatile Combo Bracket Included No Yes

The best solution for a quick and simple start
The majority of components are pre-assembled, resulting in a quick and painless installation procedure. Once installed, these kits are a full custom loop solution. They can be upgraded with additional water blocks, for example, GPU water blocks and components, such as additional radiators. If you are cooling your rig with air and dreaming about liquid cooling, these kits will make your transition to this elite club as easy as possible.

Compatibility list
Classic Series kits are compatible with the following CPU sockets:

  • Intel LGA-1200
  • Intel LGA-1150/1151/1155/1156
  • Intel LGA-2011(-3)
  • Intel LGA-2066
  • AMD Sockets: AM4
EK-Classic Kit S240 D-RGB 259.90€
EK-Classic Kit S360 D-RGB 279.90€
EK-Classic Kit P240 D-RGB 279.90€
EK-Classic Kit P360 D-RGB 299.90€

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