EK-Quantum Momentum TRX40 Aorus Master at 200 bucks

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Holy cow, is it just me or is EK is getting more expensive with every month that passes? Available for 200 EUR the EK-Quantum Momentum TRX40 Aorus Master has an integrated D-RGB LED strip with the industry-standard 3-pin connector that offers addressable lighting.

This is a complete all-in-one (CPU and motherboard) liquid cooling solution for the Aorus® motherboard that is based on AMD® TRX40 chipset for AMD Ryzen™ 3rd generation Threadripper processors. This monoblock is compatible with the following Gigabyte® motherboard:

  •  TRX40 Aorus Master

The monoblock uses the Velocity sTR4 cooling engine to ensure the proper cooling of the large IHS that hides the spread-out Ryzen chiplets. This water block directly cools the AMD sTR4X type CPU and the voltage regulation module (VRM), as well as LAN chips under the I/O cover. This kind of efficient VRM cooling on a TRX40 platform opens up even greater overclocking capabilities. The bottom of the water block features a CNC-milled black anodized cover that houses the addressable LED strip and also has the function of hiding the unwanted LED hotspots. 

This TRX40 platform-based monoblock also comes with a bigger redesigned cold plate. The new design ensures the monoblock has mechanical contact with the entire 3rd Gen Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processor IHS, thus enabling better thermal transfer. The base of the monoblock is CNC-milled of the purest electrolytic copper while the top is machined the same way out of high-quality glass-like cast acrylic. The main nickel plated mounting screws and brass screw-in standoffs are pre-installed, making the installation process quick and easy. The cold-plate features 91 micro-fins that span across all chiplets within AMD’s CPU, thus ensuring proper cooling for each of them, at all times, even when certain cores work in Turbo mode.

EK-Quantum Momentum TRX40 Aorus Master D-RGB – Plexi will cost 199.90€

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