EK Adds AMD Socket AM4 compatibility and shows Supremacy EVO RYZEN Waterblock

EK Water Blocks confirms that all of its current CPU water blocks will fully support the latest AMD Socket AM4 series processors (Ryzen CPUs and A-series APU codename Bristol Ridge) as the additional free upgrade.

The mounting hole pattern of Socket AM4 is a little bit different from the old AMD Sockets (754, 939, 940, AM2(+), AM3(+),FM2(+)), meaning the old Supremacy EVO mounting plate is not compatible with Socket AM4! We now offer redesigned Mounting plate and updated Supremacy EVO Backplate that is required for complete AM4 compatibility.

On Monday, 9th of January, the option for Socket AM4 Mounting plate will become available with all EK-Supremacy EVO blocks (except for X99 and Elite variants). There is no need to buy any additional parts with the purchase of the new EK-Supremacy EVO, just select the AMD Socket AM4 option in the additional socket support list with the selected CPU water block.

Consequently the following EK liquid cooling kits will also officially fully support Socket AM4:

– EK-KIT S (any variant)
– EK-KIT L (any revision; any variant)
– EK-KIT P (any variant)
– EK-KIT X (any variant)

All-In-One Predator units will provide Socket AM4 support with EK-XLC Predator AMD Upgrade Kit, available as a separate purchase. We are also announcing dedicated Monoblocks for upcoming X370 motherboards to become available in the following weeks. 

EK on their facebook also teased a Supremacy EVO RYZEN compatible Waterblock, as shown in the photos.

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