Eight DIMM slot based Gigabyte LGA 2011 Motherboards

A new picture of an upcoming Gigabyte LGA 2011 motherboard featuring eight DIMM sockets has surfaced.

This X79 chipset based motherboard is socket LGA 2011 based, once you look at the GA-6PXSVyou'll spot no less than eight DIMM memory sockets, which could enable up to 64GB of system memory to be installed in a quad-channel configuration.

Right to the left of these, Gigabyte has placed the board's expansion slots, which include a pair of PCI Express x16 slots, one PCIe x8 slot, one PCI Express x4 slot as well as a legacy 32-bit PCI slot. Both the x8 and x4 PCIe slots are open ended.

We see  six 6Gbps SATA ports, driven by the X79 PCH, and the GA-6PXSV also features two SAS 6Gbps ports placed right near the board's left margin, indicating that this is a server board.

We also see USB 3.0 connectivity, support for the enterprise version of Intel's Rapid Storage Technology (IRST), and a six-phase CPU PWM with DrMOS MOSFET transistors. On the back of the GA-6PXSV, outside of the regular connectors, users will also find a pair of KVM network ports.

Check out the photo right here, click the thumbnail.

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