ECS GeForce 9800 GT Photo & specs

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The soon to be released GeForce 9800 GT has surfaced on the web, well at least a photo and some information. A while ago we already spotted the XFX version, it seems that once sample from ECS got leaked and this time with some more information on it.

The GeForce 9800 GT seems to be nothing lese than a rebadged 8800 GT, with slightly different specifications. It will be have 112 Shader processor-enabled, still be based on the 65nm G92 GPU and have the same frequencies and specs as the 8800 GT counterpart. The one thing that did change is that Nvidia's board partners can play around with a customized PCB and choose to make something really special.

The card shown below is made by ECS and is cooled by Arctic Cooling's Accelero S1. It features a blue PCB and GPU, shader and memory frequencies of 600, 1500 and 1800 MHz. The card has 512MB of GDDR3 memory, a 256-bit interface and DirectX 10(.0) and SLI support.

It remains to be a very interesting card especially since the new price will be just under $150m and if you look closely at the bundle below, that's including Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

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