E3 2017: Crytek Hunt Showdown Gameplay

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Crytek showcased its upcoming multiplayer survival game powered, Hunt: Showdown. In Hunt: Showdown, five teams of two players track and kill demons in a huge map. The game is powered by CRYENGINE, features perma-death, and aims to be an intense PvE and PvP experience. 

As you will notice, Crytek hasopted to show as little HUD elements as possible to preserve the atmosphere of the game. Hunt: Showdown is now a PvP horror sneakfest where five teams of two players set off to track and kill between one and three demons in exchange for bounties that'll advance their characters in various ways. Each team spawns on the edge of the map and must skulk through the darkness avoiding monsters and each other to find clues about where the demonic targets are located. Once they find a target, they'll have to choose whether to attack it and try to exfiltrate the map with the precious loot or let another team take it on and ambush them when they're vulnerable. It's evident that, like a good survival game, critical decision-making is going to haunt you every step of the way.

Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer survival game powered by CRYENGINE, in which five teams of two players track and kill demons in a huge map. Basically, I'd say the feel is DayZ meets Evolve?

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